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Custodial Services in Saskatoon

Residential cleaning

Horizon Janitorial Services in Saskatoon provides a wide range of cleaning services for your home or business, as well as industrial and construction sites. If you have a specific product request, our cleaning team will use that product if you can purchase it for a low cost.

Strip/Wax Floors

Horizon Janitorial strips and waxes floors in home and business environments. We begin by choosing the proper stripping product that is appropriate for your floor, whether that be hardwood, linoleum, or another type of floor material. Next, we use a floor scrubber or wet dry vacuum to scrub away the old finish. Once the old finish has been removed, we mop the floor and then apply the new wax. Our professional team ensures proper ventilation is adhered as well, so you and our crews can breathe easy during and after the wax application.

Restaurant Cleaning

Stainless steel kitchen

Our Saskatoon restaurant cleaning company provides day-to-day janitorial services for restaurants. These specialty services include kitchen hood, grill, and foyer area cleaning, window cleaning, restaurant floor cleaning, and mirror cleaning. We can also power scrub ceramic tiles, clean restrooms, and shampoo upholstery and carpet. We finish up with cleaning the kitchen appliances and floor drains. Our team will ensure your restaurant looks as good as your food tastes.

High Dusting

Need help dusting those high places? Our Saskatoon cleaning company is here to help. We’ll climb up on a ladder and/or use dusting tools with long handles to get into the nooks and crannies of window sills, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and other hard to reach places. Your home or business will be completely dust free after we leave.

Grocery Stores

Grocery store frozen foods

Our experienced janitors know that grocery stores require specific cleaning services to meet their needs and ensure sanitary food storage space. We provide floor cleaning, clean the rubber tracks and other areas of the check-out aisle, and carefully sanitize deli counters. We’ll get into your walk-in freezers and refrigerators sanitize and prevent food contamination. Our experts are knowledgeable about safe and clean food storage. Horizon will also clean spills involving messy foods, especially important to avoid slip and falls.


Our professional cleaners also provide residential cleaning services by customer request. We can clean one room or your entire home, and will complete basic services such as mopping floors, sweeping, sanitizing counters, bathroom cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming. We will customize the services for your home according to your specific needs and requests. From the bathroom to the living room, we’ll have your home spic and span in no time.


Construction cleanup

Our professional cleaning services in Saskatoon also include construction site clean-up. We will remove all excess debris such as wood scraps, concrete pieces, drywall, and any other materials left behind after your home renovations. We’ll also clean up sawdust and other fine particles to ensure you newly updated surfaces are ready to go. For exterior construction sites, we will remove any leftover materials such as traffic cones, barriers, signage, and more when a construction job is complete. Our team will complete the finishing touches so your interior or exterior site is ready for use.

Move In/Move Out

Horizon Janitorial also offers move-in/move out services for tenants and homeowners. We’ll cover every room from the kitchen to the bathroom and living room. Our team will clean every surface including walls, baseboards, floors, ceilings, and behind appliances. We’ll also dust light fixtures, ledges, and clean windows, along with door knobs, doors, and light switches. When we’re finished, the apartment or home will be completely move-in ready.

For the most reliable, comprehensive cleaning services sure to meet your needs, contact Horizon Janitorial Service to schedule an appointment or begin a contract today.

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